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Stone paper bags

The Stone paper bag with individual print is the ideal advertising material for every occasion. It offers sufficient space for information material and giveaways and can be used for a long time due to its stability. In addition, our Stone Paper Bags have got additional featurues, just like all other stone paper products, which make them versatile concerning advertising media: Tear resistance, water resistance and easy printability. The handle band which is made out of coloured cord provides great wearing comfort and rounds off the noble appearance.

SOS Bags

SOS bags or Stand-on-Shelf bags : are quite simpler in design. However, these bags are stronger and come with a top handle. SOS bags have been widely used for carrying packed food and drinks. SOS bags also come in a wide range of colors with added modern flair. Therefore, they also make a good paper bag packaging solution for gifting.

Party bags

Party bags are glossy bright-color paper bags that takes after the shape of standard  paper bags. You can use party bags to distribute sweets, candies, gift cards, and other mementos. These can also be used again and again making them much more sustainable.

Merchandise bags
EURO tote

Euro tote is a more sophisticated bag. Even though the design is similar to that of S.O.S. bags, the Euro tote comes with fancy handles, customized branding and a wide variety of surface finishes. However, these bags are quite durable and can be reused several times, making them better than single-use plastic. A lot of large brands have migrated to the Euro tote from plastic bags mostly because they allow much better brand visibility. Also, these bags are a great alternative to traditional gift packaging.

Shopping bags

These are retail shopping bags that most stores use today. They are large and spacious and one can use them multiple times. From the manufacturers' point of view, these bags are good for branding as well. Vogue paper bags are also great for giving gifts.

Merchandise bags are high quality and customizable paper bags. Retail stores both large and small use merchandise bags.  Even some online stores use merchandise bags for shipping products. These bags have a form factor similar to envelopes. Merchandise bags are available in different colors. One can easily customise this bags according to its needs.

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